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Shaun D 2 years ago
15.56 Solid spank right there I love a solid spank on a womans ass. I think they love it too
Dreday 2 years ago
He can’t stroke for nothing wtf was that
2 years ago
Does she have a license for that ass?
Midaso 2 years ago
Much more than perfect
1 year ago
No pipe game smh
Joe 2 years ago
What’s her ig??
Jay 1 year ago
Her videos are lame but the ass is a ten.
A FAN 1 year ago
She's gotta big perfect ass.
Faggot 2 weeks ago
The dude is so fucken lame no wonder he had to hide their faces
1 month ago
She needs someone who can actually clap that. Ass has waisted potential