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1 year ago
When English is your second language and cooking your third
2 years ago
I'm just legitimately curious, is ketchup as a sauce a thing? A possible regional thing ?

Cheers keep up the good work and the ugh, cooking ....
4 months ago
"Don't argue with a woman cuz it's dangerous cuz we have knives" lmao
7 months ago
Omg.. you are so gorgeous and so beautiful. Wow...i love are the kind of women that i would love to have in my life. Very nice.. greg.
Miso hungry 9 months ago
She is SEXY AS FUCK ….:I’d eat that pizza, she needs to make more videos like this
Imperfectionist 1 year ago
This is how all cooking shows should be done.
11 months ago
she's destroying that baking pan by cutting directly on it! Went for a nut, ended up disappointed
Elmasturbasuceso 1 year ago
Guau que oferton banda me masturbe y aprendí a hacer pizza nice
selena 2 years ago
2 years ago
Hola hermosa sexy chula