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Yuu 2 years ago
Her name?
Ricky T 1 year ago
Im glad austism is finally being represented in the industry
she sucks 2 years ago
she sounds like she wanna cry
Frkr 1 year ago
Oh fuck, she is my sister, I am so proud of her
2 years ago
Fak boyz be like ....
808 2 years ago
Lmao she’s from Hawaii. No wonder she was in the mainland. Her name is Chole Ynigues Look her up on FB and Instagram
Dude 1 year ago
It is a most sensetional video i have ever see of auditions, her feelings are true. What a awesome performance by both of them.
Small Tits Guy 2 months ago
So genuine, wow. Great looking girl having a good time.
1 year ago
Damn she’s fineee
2 years ago
Damn she's sexy af